car design surfacing

Automotive Design

Whether you have a design, or need a design for the interior or exterior of your vehicle, we can handle all of your surfacing and custom design needs. We use advanced software and virtual reality to give accurate visual representations.

3D Scanning 3d scan

3D Scanning

We provide 3D scanning services for multiple uses. Getting accurate scan data can help immensely with making custom vents, modified body panels, custom interiors, fitment of new parts, and using the data for CFD check. We can do all of the post processing, and convert the data into usable surfaces, or molds for future products.

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CFD Simulation engineering


Simulation is becoming a must on every component of your automobile. Whether CFD to verify the flow over a vehicle, or how the air is cooling computer components, to FEA to confirm the correct material for cost and weight savings is being used, or to find the fatigue life of a component. Design analysis is the most important part of understanding your product early in the design stage. 

automotive product design

Product Design

Our product design process starts with a sketch, goes to CAD, and rigorous simulation leads the path to the final design. We believe in simulation-led design, and the need of products to be solved and working on a computer before any prototypes are made. This helps immensely on cost savings, time, and materials. From a product idea to a needed solution, Race Shapes can help achieve your goals.